January 2017 GeekFuel Subscription Box

Wow! It has been soo long since I last wrote something. From now on, I’ll be posting a monthly review of my GeekFuel subscription box.

So maybe you are wondering “What exactly is this GeekFuel that you’re talking about?” GeekFuel is a monthly subscription box from the US. Each box has a guaranteed t-shirt every month and other stuff. 

They don’t do themes like other subscription boxes but you can expect exclusive GeekFuel items from brands like #gameofthrones #harrypotter #zelda #dccomics and so on. 

They also include downloadable #steamgame in their boxes.

I live in Japan so my box usually comes 2 weeks after it has been shipped. So let’s go on with that box.

  • Look at that lovely robot. 😊

So the first item in the box is sort of a tribute magazine to Carrie Fisher who brilliantly played the role of our dear Princess Leia. May she rest in peace.

They also had this Princess Leia pin.

Second item is a Harley Quinn Q-Fig. I didn’t take it out of the box because I didn’t want it to get dirty.

Third is a Legend of Zelda themed rupee soap that was inside a cute little box that looks like a treasure chest. I love the smell of it but I’m not gonna use it right away. 😄

Fourth item is an enamel pin. This robot is GeekFuel’s mascot. There’s an exclusive pin in each monthly box and the design differs every month.

Fifth one is the downloadable Steam Game called “Ninja Pizza Girl.” I haven’t played it yet but I think I’m going to love it because c’mon who doesn’t like pizza right? 😁

Last but not the least is our shirt. This is an exclusive item and I think GeekFuel makes their own design. This month’s design is a K2SO(RogueOne) shirt. I love the colors so I’ll be wearing it with pride.

That’s all for GeekFuel’s January box.

If you are interested and would like to subscribe, you can use my referral link and I think your going to get a discount or something.
Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll be looking forward for the next box.


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