The Mind Museum

Have you ever been to the Philippines? If not, then you should go very soon because my country has great sight seeing spots and different kinds of museums where you can have fun with your family or friends.
So let me tell you about The Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City(often called “Global City” or “BGC” by locals) in Taguig. This place can be enjoyed by kids and adults since it’s a science museum and it’s always fun to learn something new. Right? I went there for the first time ever, with a friend, late December last year (2016).  Visiting the museum was one of the things she checked off her bucket list that day. We stayed in the museum for about 2-3 hours. It was so clean inside. There are many things/activities that you can learn and enjoy in the Mind Museum. My favorite part of the museum is the Space Shell. Why? Because it sort of reminded me of Star Wars and those science classes I had years ago about planets. Moreover, I’m always attracted to shining lights in a dark atmosphere. 
That’s all for now. I hope yo enjoyed reading. Now before you go, scroll down some more to see some of the photos I took inside the museum.


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