SneakerTub January 2017

So, how are you today?

This is my first ever sneakers subscription box and I’m a probie when it comes to sneakers so be kind and please don’t hate me if I make a review that doesn’t suit you. 😅 Teach me instead.

I just received this yesterday and I am really impressed with the contents of the box. Before we get into that, let me tell you something about what and how Sneakertub works. If you subscribe to one of their boxes (except Sneakertub Lite), every month you can receive a pair of shoes, of course. You can expect a pair from brands such as Nike, Adidas, Saucony, etc. Aside from the sneakers, they also include shoe laces, a shirt, shoe cleaning materials, and other sneaker related items. They have four kinds of subscription boxes.

  • Sneakertub Lite contains 4-5 sneaker related items. NO PAIR OF SHOES. Delivered monthly.
  • Sneakertub OG contains a mystery pair of sneakers in your size plus 3-4 sneaker related items. Delivered monthly.
  • Sneakertub Elite contains 2 pairs of sneakers and 3 premium accessories. Delivered monthly.
  • Sneakertub VIP contains a pair of premium sneakers, premium jacket or hoodie, premium clothing item, and premium accessories. Renews every 3 months.

How did I discover Sneakertub? Well, one weekend after I was done doing laundry, I just went online and watched reviews of geek related subscription boxes when Youtube suggested a video. It was a video by TheRealRayRay20. I liked his review so I decided to try out Sneakertub.
I subscribed to Sneakertub OG. Usually when you subscribe, the box includes some stickers or a card that shows or explains what you can expect from the box. My January box didn’t come with any stickers or card. Probably because when I subscribed, it was a day before their monthly cut-off. So maybe they ran out of those. It doesn’t matter anyway because I love the first ever pair I received from them.

What’s in my box? Read along and scroll down some more to see what I got.


Adidas Galaxy 3 Crystal White Colorway

These are my first ever pair of Adidas Galaxy 3. When I opened the box, I was like “OMG! These are so cool!” I fell inlove with the sneakers right away. I tried it on and it was so light and comfy. You could probably sleep in them and won’t feel like your wearing shoes at all.



A pair of Chicago Bulls Stance socks. I’m not a Bulls fan but I love the colors so it’s all good.

I love  Stance socks because I like their designs and they’re really great. Right now, I have 6 pairs of Stance socks.


“I feel like Ye”

Aww, this is cute and cool. 🙂 A bear playing hoops doing the iconic Jordan jumpman pose while wearing a pair of Yeezy’s.
I usually don’t wear white shirts because they can get dirty easily but I love this shirt’s design so I’ll happily wear it.


Jordans key chain and shoe cleaner
  • I don’t have a pair of Jordans so I don’t know which series is on the keychain. Let me know in the comments if you know what this is.
  • Boot Rescue wipes to keep your boots and sneakers clean and classy.

So overall, I really am impressed with the first ever box I received from Sneakertub because who doesn’t love a pair of shoes. Right?

If you want to give it a try, just click this link.

Thanks for reading! 😉


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