What’s in a shoe?

These days, famous sneakers like the Jordans, Roshe, Air Max from Nike or the so-called NMD, Boost, Yeezy from Adidas are in most peoples checklist. Why? Because they’re the trend and they’re in fashion. Sabi nga sa salitang Tagalog “Iyon ang sapatos na uso ngayon.” Before I go on, I just want to make it clear that I have nothing against the sneakers from the series’  mentioned earlier because I do have my own pair of Roshe and Air Max. Furthermore, I have friends who collect a number of sneakers from those series. Because of the so-called “hype” these days, we often forget about the not so hyped shoes that these big brands have produced. We even call them old-fashioned or out of style. In Tagalog “Laos na yan” or “Ang baduy naman.”


In my home country, the Philippines, not everyone has parents or someone who could buy them a new pair of shoes when the only pair they have has served its purpose. As for me, I was a little lucky to have been blessed with more than just one pair of shoes because I have awesome parents and cousins who sometimes buy me a new pair of sneakers/rubber shoes. But I didn’t just receive a pair of new shoes immediately. I had to earn it and do some hard work before my request for a new pair was granted. I didn’t care if it was from a famous brand or not because ever since I was a kid I didn’t really care about brands. I didn’t care if it was a limited edition or not. I cared more about the fact that someone worked hard for the money that was spent just to be able to buy me a new pair. Whatever kind of shoes I receive, as long as I can use it and it makes me happy, it’s more than enough.


Let’s go back to that “not everyone has a parent or someone who could buy them a new pair of shoes when the only pair they have has served its purpose.” This is a fact not only in the Philippines but in all parts of the world. I think I should add the fact that not every person out there has had their own pair of NEW SHOES. Some of us only have second-hand pairs. I’m pretty sure that if you asked those people “Do you like it?” or “That ugly shoe makes you happy?”, they will most likely answer “Yes, of course!” with a smile.


So maybe you’re wondering why I’m writing about such a thing. That’s because you and I may have seen other people out there who are maybe so privileged or maybe someone who only knows about famous sneakers that they forget to appreciate the simple things in life. We should learn to be thankful for whatever we receive because behind every pair of shoe, jacket, shirt, toys, and all other things available here in Mother Earth, someone worked so hard so that those items will make its way to you.


Be thankful and learn to widen your horizons.

PS: Most of the shoes in the pictures below are ones that I bought when I had some spare cash or when they were on sale. You can buy as many pairs as you want as long as you don’t go broke or starve yourself just to buy one. 


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