Sneaker Tub February 2017

Hey there! Let’s talk about sneakers again. Or should I say write? Haha! Anyway, I just received another package from Sneaker Tub on March 1st. I was actually surprised because this package came earlier than another box from another subscription company that shipped earlier. But anyway, back to the tub.

In this month’s box, I received 7 items. A pair of shoes, a shirt, a keychain, a pair of socks, and 3 packs of sneaker wipes.


LeBron 10 keychain. It looks really cool. I’m not a fan of LeBron but I can’t deny the fact that he is one of the best players in the NBA these days. Moreover, LeBron’s signature shoes’ series have some of the best designs I have ever seen.


Another pair of Chicago Bulls Stance/InStance socks. This is from the Legends series and this pair has Dennis Rodman in it. I don’t know anything about him except that he’s a legend in the NBA. I think I wasn’t born yet or maybe I was still a baby when he was playing in the NBA. As always with Stance socks, they’re cool and comfy.


  • Shoe Rescue
  • Sneaker Rescue
  • Jason Markk wipes

To be honest, I didn’t know anything at all about Rescue sneaker care products until late last year when I watched those Sneaker Tub unboxing videos on YouTube. So thank you Sneaker Tub for introducing me to this product.
I know about Jason Markk products because who doesn’t right? Ha, just kidding. The real reason is it’s one of the most common/advertised shoe care brands here in Japan along with Marquee Player which is a Tokyo based company that makes sneaker care items. 
So now I have more stock of sneaker wipes. Yay!


I don’t quite get the reference of the design so let me know what it is. Although I know that it’s DJ Khaled wearing Nike (Jordan 1 or Dunk High?) I’m not sure. It’s a pretty cool shirt and the material is so soft; soft style cotton.I tried it on and the fit is just right. Not too loose, not too tight.


This month, they sent me a pair of Puma’s. I thought it wasn’t going to fit me but when I tried it on they actually fit perfectly. It’s a high cut Puma sneakers with leather and textile material. It’s pretty cool. 


So that’s all for this month’s tub and I’m already excited for the March tub.

Although I can’t stop wondering if this month’s black Puma sneakers has a connection with the white Adidas sneakers they sent me last month because the founders of Adidas and Puma were brothers. Hmmm. 🤔


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