February 2017 Geek Fuel Subscription Box

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Hey there, how’s it going? So my February Geek Fuel box has finally arrived. Before I show you the contents of the February box, let me tell some info about the company.

So what or who is Geek Fuel? It’s a subscription box company based in Denver, Colorado that sends its customers a box full of awesome and exclusive items. If you want a Geek Fuel subscription, you can choose from three different plans: 3months, 6months, or 1year. Or if you just want to try it out, you can just buy one box. Although, I think that the longer the plan you subscribe to, the more discount you’ll get.

Let’s go on with this month’s items.

1. Zelda-themed Portable Charger

2000mAh Portable Charger. This is an exclusive item. With everyone having all kinds of smartphones or electronics these days, this portable charger can come in very handy when you’re out somewhere and you suddenly need to keep your gadget going.

2. Archibald’s Adventures and a Nuka World Prize Ticket

$5 value downloadable steam game. If you’re not familiar with Steam, it’s sort of an online store or digital platform that distributes game softwares. Their games can be played on almost all gaming platforms.

As for the Nuka World prize ticket, Geek Fuel is doing some giveaways so there’s a code behind the ticket that you can enter on their website to see if you’re a winner.

3. Monthly t-shirt

Exclusive item. This month’s shirt is in reference to the video game Fallout4. I don’t play Fallout4 but I do have some friends who do so. This month’s shirt has a better material and the shirt is definitely softer and more comfortable to wear.

4. Collectible Pin

Another exclusive item. This month’s Fuel pin is Stranger Things inspired. I received the common design pin but there are two other rare designs that they sent to other lucky subscribers.
Every month, they include a Fuel pin with a different design. It’s either you receive the common one or the rare one.

5. Poster Print

Hero In Training” by Juan Muniz

I think this is the first ever print I received from Geek Fuel. So it’s an adorable version of Batman. This also came with a certificate of authenticity. How cute can Batman be? 😁

6. Monthly Magazine

Geek Fuel includes a monthly magazine in their boxes. So for this month’s issue, the magazine mostly talked about the just released Nintendo Switch and the new Zelda game.

That’s all for the February Geek Fuel box. Look forward to the next one. 😉

February items

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