Mystery Mixed Past Box (February 2017) From Geek Gear

Every once in a while, Geek Gear sells a “Mystery Mixed Past Box.” If you are lucky enough to order a box before it sells out, which happens really really fast, you will certainly receive items that are worth more than what you paid for. Each “Mystery Mixed Past Box” costs £12.99. The items in this box include any item from their previous subscription boxes: Geek Gear Box, World of Wizardry Box, World of Wizardry Wearable Box. 
When they sent me an email saying that the Mystery Mixed Past Box is now on sale, I immediately ordered two. Why not, right? I love sales and subscription boxes that give me more than what I paid for. Moreover, what I really love about Geek Gear is they allow you to make requests on what items you want in your mystery box. For example, you’re a fan of Slytherin, Game of Thrones, Iron Man, etc., you can ask them to include items from a franchise that you love and they do grant requests as long as they still have a stock if the items from your favorite franchise.
As for me, I sent them an email and requested that they include any Iron Man or Game of Thrones items in my boxes. So when the boxes were finally delivered yesterday, I was so excited to open the boxes that I almost cut myself when removing the plastic wrapping that it was shipped in.

Contents of Box #1

  • 5 Art Prints: Harry Potter and his Stag patronus, Emblems of DC Comics’ heroes, Captain America Civil War: Captain America vs. Iron Man, Iron Man print, NES controller print
  • Superman sticker
  • Futurama postcard
  • Batman rubber ducky
  • The Hulk color changing cup
  • Omnicorp t-shirt
  • Ravenclaw scarf
  • Ravenclaw bonnet
  • Ravenclaw pin
  • Hogwarts patch
  • Ravenclaw mittens
  • 6 Legend of Zelda mini pins

Contents of Box #2

  • 5 Art Prints
  • 2 Posters
  • NES Controller cushion cover
  • Ganondorf keychain
  • Time-Turner necklace
  • Deathly Hallows keychain
  • Iron Man keychain
  • Futurama postcard
  • Super Hero (make your own comics) booklet
  • Ravenclaw socks
  • Hogwarts patch
  • Hogwarts refrigerator magnet

I was really overjoyed, very happy, so amazed or whatever you call it when I was taking the items out from the box. The moment I saw the Iron Man keychain, I was like “Wow! I’m gonna love whatever else is in this box.” Geek Gear really knows how to make its customers happy. I hope they’ll sell some mystery mixed past box again sometime soon. I’m looking forward to whenever that will be! 😊


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