World of Wizardry from Geek Gear (March 2017 Box)

(If you want to subscribe to this box just click here and I think you’re going to get a little discount)

Another month and another box comes in the mail. I received this box 3 days ago and every month I’m always excited to see what’s in it because who doesn’t love Harry Potter-related items right? So do keep on reading and hopefully after that you click the link so you can have your own subscription.

For this month, I received a Gryffindor-themed box.

First item we have is a black Gildan Softstyle t-shirt with the emblems/animals for each house. This shirt actually has a pretty cool design and I know that any Harry Potter fan will wear it with pride.

Second item is a button badge/pin. This pin has Dobby printed on it.

Third item is another button badge/pin. House Gryffindor’s coat of arms is printed on it.

I  have received other pins from this subscription box before so maybe someday I’m going to do something artsy and make those pins a decoration.

Fourth item is a MACUSA rubber keychain. This is from the movie Fantastic Beasts.

I have plenty of keychains lying around in my apartment and I don’t really use all of them so maybe I’ll give it away to my students as a prize.

Fifth item is this exclusive Hedwig figure. There are two other limited version of this figure, silver and gold coloured Hedwig. I received the common one but I’m totally happy with it. I’ll be bringing this to work and display it on my desk. 😎

Sixth item is this exclusive art print. I love collecting these and someday I am going to “make a wall” of art prints.

Seventh item is this awesome set of tin coasters. Usually, coasters are only made of pressed cardboards or maybe even saw dust. But for this particular set, the cardboard or whatever whatever it was made of has tin on top of it. What makes it more cool is that it came with its own case and that each coaster reperesents the colours of each Hogwarts house.

Finally, for our last items. The item on the left is a set of stickers: Hedwig, Harry, Ron, Hermione. The item on the right is a Elder Wand necklace and it has very good quality.
The mini pamphlet in the middle explains something about the items in this box and some teasers for next month’s box.

So that’s all for the March 2017 World of Wizardry box from Geek Gear. If you liked what you read and saw, go click that link above. Or here.


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